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Volume 1 , Issue 3 Date: Spring, 2001 Topic: Community Membership

Guest Editors - Community Membership

As part of their spring curriculum, the Shriver Center's Leadership in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Fellows take on responsibility for developing an issue of the on line journal, Leadership Perspectives in Developmental Disability. While faculty members are available for advice, the Fellows create a structure for the issue, develop a topic, seek authors, and write an article for the issue to establish the context for the collection of work.

The work around the journal has been energizing for all involved, and it gave Fellows a chance to connect with many leaders in the developmental disabilities field. The Fellows also benefited from the guidance of people outside the Shriver Center, who responded to Fellows' questions and made suggestions of contacts. The Fellows and I acknowledge their assistance and we extend our thanks for their involvement in this issue:

Michael Guralnick
George Jesien
Charles Lakin
Laurie Powers
Steven Eidelman
Judith Snow
Jack Pierpoint
Robert Perske
Anne Larkin
Jean Nigro
Laurie Tautkas
Julie Armentrout
Karen Zimbrick
John O'Brien
John McKnight
Susan Gottlieb

We at the Shriver Center are proud to present to you the Spring, 2001 issue, the first Fellow-managed issue. We hope that you will find the material collected here thought provoking and inspiring.

Lee Vorderer, Editor

The Shriver Center

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