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Volume 3 , Issue 1 Date: Spring, 2003 Topic: Expectations Through Life's Passages

Expectations: Pre-Natal

by Nancy Borg, Jill Perry Rabideau, Scott Smith

For most parents, bringing a human life in the world to live with them is a very important process in their lives. Naturally, most parents anticipate or at least hope for a healthy baby who will then be given every opportunity possible to thrive and develop in a happy, healthy, well-functioning adult member of the family, community, and society. However, not every baby born meets those natural expectations. Parents of children who are different usually experience different life paths with different challenges and alternative outcomes than they would have anticipated.

With recent advances in medical science and clinical genetics, many disabilities and differences now can be diagnosed or soon will be possible to diagnose in-utero presenting these parents with difficult and complicated decisions whether or not they wish to continue their pregnancies. Because there are no better people than the real people who have actually experienced this difficult life passage either in their own lives or in their work with these families to help us understand the realities of dealing with these issues, here are their stories:

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