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- Expectations Through Life's Passages - Spring, 2003
Adolescent Social Issues, Scouting and Best BuddiesMary Wallan, et al
After the Wedding, There’s the MarriageNancy Fliesler
An Interview with Martha BeckNancy Borg and Jill Perry, LEND Fellows
Expectations: Adolescence Marcia Bridgeman, Ann Golub-Victor
Expectations: Pre-Natal
Nancy Borg, Jill Perry Rabideau, Scott Smith
Expectations: The Transition to SchoolElizabeth Caronna, Phoebe Loyer, Megan Tupa
Expectations: Turning 22Ericka Deering, Renée Llorente, Trevena Moore
Genetic Counseling Maureen A. Flynn (1) and Jeff M. Milunsky (1,2,3)
Guest Editors - 2002-2003 LEND Fellows
He Giveth More Grace (1)Charlotte Spinkston
High Expectations and Developmental DisabilitiesWilliam Henderson, Ed.D.
High Stakes Testing: Salvation or Crucifixion of Students with Disabilities?Suzanne G. Peyton, Executive Director, MASSPAC
I Am the Expert on My ChildAnonymous
Making the Leap Into Adulthood: One Family’s ExperienceErika Deering, RN, BSN
Private Placement was Based on QualityBob and Julie Pavao
Rising to the Occasion: Reflections on Choosing NaiaTierney and Greg Fairchild
SAY What?: Self Advocacy for Young AdultsCelia Brown
Supporting Young Adults with Developmental DisabilitiesDeborah A. Taylor, RN, CDDN
The Threshold ProgramTrevena Moore, M.D., MPH
Transition To An Integrated Public School SettingMaureen Branconnier
Transition: Graduating from High SchoolLeo V. Sarkissian, Executive Director, The Arc of Massachusetts
We Don’t Know Where Potential Ends, So We Assume It Doesn'tPeter George
+ Genetics: Scientific Advances...Human Choices - Winter, 2002
+ Legal Issues in Disability - Autumn, 2000
+ Tiny Children, Tough Choices - Spring, 2002
+ Youth with Developmental Disabilities and the Juvenile Justice System - Spring 2004
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